Fast & affordable repair services

Your computer or laptop running slow, infected with virus, or cracked your display? We can help with any issues you may have with your Windows or Mac computer. We specialize in all brands. Please give us a call at 972-678-3050 for more information.

We can repair most issues including cracked glass, no audio, charging problems, and much more...

If your device was dropped in water, remove the battery if possible and rush it to us asap. The sooner we can get it cleaned, the better chance it will survive.

Cracked glass and lcd on iPad and most tablets can be repaired. Don't waste your money on a new one. Repairs are economically cost effective, quick, and professional.



cell phones

  • ​​​Screen Replacement
  • ​GSM Unlocking
  • Water Treatment
  • Audio Issues
  • Charging Issues
  • Software  
  • & Much more...

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GSM Unlocking

If you want to switch carrier and do not want to purchase a new phone. You can have your phone unlocked and save your hard earn cash. Please call us with your make and model for a quick estimate.

Data transfer

Whether it's pictures of your kids, documents for work, or contacts that you may need. We can back them up or transfer to your new device. 

Buy sell trade

Do you have unused cell phones, laptops, or Mac? Don't trash them, we can buy it from you. Xpress will give you a fair amount for your old devices. Apple products must be cleared of icloud and must not be under payment.

190 E Stacy Rd Suite 1718

Allen, TX  75002


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